Courage Affects Responders Everyday

It can be difficult to talk about a serious topic such as first responder mental health and wellness, including our increasing suicide rate, substance abuse, depression/anxiety, the hard calls, and the everyday stresses of the job. This taboo topic will never go away until we can break the stigma attached to it, including the “suck it up” mentality!

We realize that this topic can be hard to discuss and may even trigger some people. Therefore, we also like to share positive, motivational, happy, or funny memes, gifs, articles, along with self-help tips, pics and more to remind you that it’s equally important to find something that makes you smile, makes you happy, makes you laugh or gives you the warm fuzzies inside. Laughter is natural medicine for the soul after all! 🙂

Our mission

Our mission is to create suicide awareness, provide education and resources, work towards breaking the mental health stigma in public safety and to help create a safe and confidential environment for those who are struggling to reach out without the fear of judgement or repercussions from their employer.